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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 19, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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people in harford county trying to go out for a jog like our friends at charm city run. bel air elementary is 48 degrees and that's a chill and we have been talking about that because of the clear skies. chestertown at 49. once you head further west we have got sleetly -- slightly warmer air mass and a look at high thin clouds creeping in. 52 reisterstown and it's warmer in westminster at 55 degrees. and right by the bay we have the insulating factor. and annapolis 57. we have ourselves this cloud line to the west. there's the clearing we talked about and there may be high clouds. lower denser cloud cover creeping in from the west and we will lose the sun out at some point. we have a look at mid-50s on average. partly cloudy and mostly cloudy this afternoon. we will push the high up to 70.
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it's 6:00 and let's see what's happening with tanya. >> finally have good news for you in harford county. the ramp from 59 southbound to mountain road is back open. so that should make things easier. looking at the beltway, at old court road, we are doing okay so far most of the traffic is on the outer loop to the right of the screen. inner loop is moving well. jfx at northern parkway we still have pretty light traffic a few cars going southbound to the left of your screen and down by cold spring and we have the same deal there. most traffic is southbound but no incidents in your way. right now drive times are doling fine. 83 southbound five minutes. 59 out of white marsh to the beltway 6 minutes. outer loop between bel air and 70 doing fine. new this morning police are investigating a shooting in south baltimore. right now, a few details have been released but we are told the man was shot shortly before 10 last night. incident took place at the greyhound bus terminal. no word how the victim is doing
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or if authorities have a suspect. and a woman's recovering after she was shot in the arm. it happened saturday night at the intersection of ashburtton and west lafayette in baltimore. police don't have a suspect or motive in the case. we have learned that a gunman fired 50 shots at a car in prince george's county during weekend. it happened on route 50 early yesterday morning. three men told maryland state police a car pulled out in front of them and opened fire. officers say the bullets hit the bumper and the trunk and no one was injured. now the latest on an explosion in anne arundel county that lit up a neighborhood and left a man severely burned. it seems the horrific episode was the result of what police are calling a bad decision. that incident happened on franklin avenue in brooklyn park. the victim is now at johns hopkins bayview where sherrie johnson is with details about what went wrong. what did the guy do? >> reporter: basically he is recovering here this morning at bayview medical center in
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southeast baltimore. incident happened on saturday in brooklyn park and firefighters are telling us that the man tried to light his fireplace but when his firewood would not light he reached for gasoline and the neighborhood heard aloud explosion. fire officials say it was a flash fire and the anne arundel county fire department says there was an explosion sparked by gas poured into the fireplace. now, his legs were severely burned and the fire actually put itself out in an instant and the man was brought here to bayview burn center for treatment. but despite the explosion the victim's house has no significant damage. >> when my son came done he said there's boom and fire and he said where's the fire. i don't know it's outside. >> reporter: friends of the victim say he is exexpected to be here at the burn center for two weeks. but firefighters say in the meantime, it's not a good idea
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to put an accelerant on a fire especially indoors. reporting live, sherrie johnson. >> never a good idea. new information about story we told you last week a female stewed antithe university of maryland was see was sexually assaulted while sleeping in her apartment. according to the pub like safety reports from the school, there were two similar incidents in the apartments near campus. so far no arrests have been made. what happened to robyn gardner. she went missing in aruba and authorities in the country are trying to answer after more than six weeks after her disappearance. today police will reenact the crime as it was reported by gary giordano. we have details of how the day could be going. >> reporter: well, investigators in aruba say they are taking the route of a reenactment to try to get a better understanding of the moments of gardner and giordano. she went missing august 2nd. she was seen last alive on a isolated beach in aruba.
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two eyewitnesses will be part of the reenactment which investigators will use to retrace the movements of thepair and shed light on inconsisties in giordano's storey. multiple sources says he was asked to cooperate but refused. he is a ski sus -- key suspect in the disappearance of guardner e claims a -- gardner. he claims a current pulled her out to sea. he is being held an aruba jail. this morning, family and friends are mourning the loss of eleanor mondale the daughter of former vice-president walter mondale. she died in minnesota early saturday at her home. she was diagnosed with brain cancer and in addition to her husband and her parents she is survived by two brothers. final arrangements are set for kara kennedy,s oldest -- the oldest child of late ted kennedy a wake will be held
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tuesday in washington and a funeral mass wednesday at the holy trinity church. she died friday after collapsing after a workout at a health club. she was 51 years old. you may not hear the words we very often if you are millionaire. tough love. if you qualify, this week may bt week you hear it. the president rolls out a plan of cutting the deficit. if you qualify as a millior of yo -- millionaire, kite involve you. >> reporter: how about paying more taxes? president obama wants the rich to pay more than what they are paying now to help the country get out of debt. he is going announce the plan later today and basically wants any american making more than a million dollars to pay at least the same percentage in taxes as the middle class. right now the middle class pays 29% of the wages in taxes. the rich pay much less than that. the president's calling the plan the buffet rule named after warren buffet. for a long time buffet said the rich should pay more.
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he recently told americans to stop codeling billionaires. >> warren buffet pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. an outrage he asked us to fix. >> reporter: now republicans aren't buying that plan. they argue it's class warfare and will only hurt the economy more by attacking those who create the jobs. the president says it is not class warfare and he is asking the rich to pay the same percentage in taxes as the middle class. linda so, abc2 news. monday morning quarterbacks will be scratching their heads today wandering what happened in nashville between ravens and titans. the titans controlled the clock and the ravens defense for the duration in route to a 26-13 win. joe flacco was sacked three times and surrender two picks. and time to move on because next week it's onto st. louis for a sunday afternoon meeting with the rams. kick off there is after 4:00.
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this morning a scam if you are falling behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure. thieves could be out to get you. what you need to be on the lookout for. plus, we have been cursing irene for the water damage and moldy basements. we can add another thing to the list, pumpkins. hello, baby and so long fido when you bring a baby into the home. megan pringle is trying to get her dogs ready and wants to make sure those guys are like roxy not going to be left out. time to go to new york for a check of business headlines. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money. president obatcha is introduce -- obama is introducing the deficit cutting plan and will outline more than $2 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. it doesn't affect social security but includes medicare means testing. federal program to help home owners avoid foreclosures reached a few thousand people. government reports say 1
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percent of the program 7.6 billion dollars have been paid out. netflix is splitting up the dvd and streaming video services. the dvd service will be called quickster for the quick delivery and they say they need to einvolve and streaming video is the beth growth opportunities and lion king reigns again. rereleased 3d version was the number one movie this weekend taking in 29.3 million dollars. contagion and drive were second and third and that's america's money i am andrea canning.
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now "good morning maryland." the thought of losing your home to foreclosure is heart breaking and makes some feel desperate to do anything they can to hold onto their house. as a result, they can become easy targets for scams and also
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schemes. and this week's scam alert joce sterman explains how they are look for mortgage rescue might find themselves losing more. take a look. >> reporter: if you are falling behind on payments and facing foreclosure, scamers want to find you. they have made millions duping already drained homeowners. and it seems they have found a new tactic to try. >> this is a twist on another foreclosure rescue scam. >> reporter: the better business bureau and the government's internet crime complaint center are warning about so-called mass join lawsuit marketed to people in 17 states including maryland. they ask you to become part of a lawsuit against your mortgage company. >> in this case, its saying your bank or your mortgage lender actually caused you harm let's join together and fight those mortgage lenders. >> reporter: pf you are facing foreclosure or feel like you've been wronged by your lender it sound like a good idea but this is no typical class action
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lawsuit which requires nothing up front. these offers ask you for cash to join as much as 5,000 dollars. that's a huge red flag to the bbb and there are others. >> you had the fee and the solicitation and there's no evidence that there's anything happening except the individuals pocketing the money. >> reporter: it's cash that was hard to come by for families in crisis. to keep yourself safe, keep in mind maryland does not allow up front fees for mortgage services so any offer that does is no good. and it's a no-no to solicit people for the lawsuits by phone so if your line rings experts say hang up and hold on to the money and hopefully your home. joce sterman, apc -- abc2 news. weather wise a great weekend. not much falling on our heads in the way of precipitation justin. but you have done a little backup reself on the -- research on the satellite thing. >> they had 1 in 3500. >> 1 in 3200.
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>> a satellite is going to fall out of the sky around friday and i found another study online that said it was national -- quoting nasa saying 1 in 10,000 or less. >> now you are even with the 300. >> the odds on getting hit with a falling space debris is basically puts about a dozen people in the city under the threat of getting hit with something from the sky. i don't buy it. friday by the way, fall. and standing for the start of the autumn season. check this out. we have the wide view satellite radar composit and this list in the line of showers dotting across the heartland. including texas that's good news. they had rainfall yesterday on into last night and this morning and through southeast texas. houston getting in on the action right now. now some of that stuff is going to reach us and reach us and put on the brakes. so we have the weather pattern
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here that is going to start todeteriorate. we had a great end to the weekend. we had the rain on saturday that was a surprise but with the south eastern wind we will pile in more moisture despite sunshine. and we will probably stay behind increasing clouds and showers back into the mountains. then we watch the system creep in here. now our future forecast does give us the indication there will be spotty showers back to the west come daybreak and it doesn't indicate widespread rain but there will be showers that pop up at any time throughout the upcoming week. this forecast period takes us through wednesday morning but i do believe as we pump up more heat throughout the week, we will energize the atmosphere and more showers and storm. we are up to 70 after the early morning sun. gives way to intermittent- creasing clouds. tonight, the -- increasing clouds. tonight we will hold back to 62. temperatures climb up the next couple days from the upper 70s to around 80. through thursday, and then tail it back heading into the weekend but any time doesn't
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mean a washout. there will be scattered showers and sort of a glom i -- gloomy week but next weekend is looking pretty good. >> all right. then. >> reporter: 95 is moving well at mountain road southbound the ramp is back open. 50 westbound at bay bridge your lanes are open after an earlier accident was cleared out of the way. 95 to see how things are moving. north of 100. no issues tort. that's traffic building people getting up and out on the road. jfx and few from 41st street not a bad view at all. traffic is building pretty light right now. no issues to report on the jfx at north avenue. we are doing here with -- we are doing fine with the traffic going southbound. drive times are still doing okay. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes and 95 southbound out of white marsh 6 minutes. 6 minutes the outer loop from bel air to providence and 7 minutes between 795 and 70. charley. one of baltimore's own won a golden statue at prime time
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emmy awards. julie bowen was crowned best supporting actress for her role in modern family. the hit show picked up 5 awards including best comedy series and new season kicks off wednesday with a one-hour special here on abc2 at nine. and it's premier week. the 13th season of dancing with the stars debuts tonight. the hit abc show features 12 pairs of celebrities and professionals in a brand new ballroom. now among the cast ron artest, robert car dashan but i am not calling him a star, nancy grace and chaz bow know and david arquette. if you want to tune in tonight at 8 on abc2 for the new season. and also our very own megan pringle joins us live via skype from her home. you talked earlier about the issues with our pets as we are getting ready to welcome in a new addition to the family. >> reporter: charley, it's so true. you get everything ready when a baby comes into your life and do all the nesting and
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preparing, and you can't forget about these guys. this is roxy you met her before and as you know my husband and i have two dogs. joe and roxy. and they have always sort of run the show. they have been our babies up until now. so, the two of us joke saying you know, gosh i hope we are better parents than dog owners because we kind of spoil them and we need to get a handle on that. especially with two newborns coming into the house. so we spent sometime talking to people who work for animal organizations just to find out how we can make this transition as easy as possible. we have found some great advice and there is a ton of advice out there. not only on the internet but i am one of those people who will read what i can on the internet and too much information. so one of the things that i found out that was helpful and sounds like a no brainer is keep the safeguards in place. what they mean is you know when you are preparing for a baby to
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come into your house, you cover all your electrical sockets and you know with something. you get rid of anything that could be a potential hazard. do the same thing when it comes to getting your pet prepared for a baby for example don't put the baby swing by the dog food. that sort of thing. they say be prepared. if you can, if you have a friend or family member who has a baby, bring them over so the pet can get used to the sights and smells and sounds. aileen gabbey gave me an awesome cd which i played and need to play more. but it's baby sounds. and you put it in and the dogs get used to the crying and the cooing and everything else. that's pretty helpful because there's been a couple toys and things we put together and once we started they make a noise, one of our dogs will bark. so the hope is the dog gets used to it before the baby comes in and there's not a lot of barking and hassle. another piece of advice i got and again this sounds like a no brainer but you wouldn't
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believe how many new parents make this mistake always supervised. we are so used to trusting our pets but however the experts say it's new environment for the baby and completely new for the dogs. or the cat. so you know make sure to keep an eye on the baby at all times but also when the pet is around keep a closer eye. don't forget about fido. this is probably the one that happens all the time a new baby comes in and the dog gets to become the dog. but make sure the dog gets the regular walks and exercise even if it means a neighbor or family member or dog walker come over and take care of that for you. and last but not least keep a routine. pets are like people they like a routine and if you feed them in the morning, and in the evening, do the same thing keep that routine as much as you can. you know of course, the baby is the most important thing but you can't forget about your old babies, your dogs and cats. so, that's what we are trying
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to get used to right now. it's going to be a little challenging i think for us. my next door neighbor what babya week ago and she texted me a picture of her giant german shepherd keeping a close eye and watching the baby really protective. and rob and i said i hope our dogs are like that but i don't think that's going to be the case. think we will have to -- we will have a challenge ahead of us as far as getting the dogs used to the baby. >> megan live. we will check in with you throughout the course of the week. check on things and see how they are going. thanks for the time this morning. well the waters are finally receding after devastating floods across innedan. -- ibda -- india. how some are stepping in to help those who found everything they had gone. a 6-ton satellite that could be coming for you says nasa. what are the odds? we will tell you the numbers when we return in a bit. you are watching "good morning maryland." now for the picture of the day from jay fox who took the picture from the sunset at
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sparrows point country club andmarina and bear creek indundalk. if you have a photo morning show at get them into us.
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6:24. news around the world rescue workers serving through -- searching trite rubble after a earthquake -- through the rubble after a earthquake hit india. 50 people have been killed after the quake hit last night. most of the death occurred when houses weakened from monsoonrains collapsed due to the force of the quake. as the 26 people died in flooding in eastern india over the weekend but the watters are now receding. the authorities seat up -- set up hundreds of free food kitchens. many are now trying to return to their homes. and former imf chief dominic strauss-kahn says his sexual encounter didn't qualify as being violent but was moral failing on his part.
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in and interview he says he regrets his incident but maintains the woman lied on her part. new york prosecutors dropped criminal charges against him last month. he is facing a lawsuit brought on by his accuser, that new york maid. back to the story again. nasa says a giant satellite will hit earth this week possibly friday. and the space agency expects more than 2 dozen piece of thatsatellite to survive reentry. but officials are not shoe where -- sure where or when they will land. nasa says the chances of someone in the world being hit by a piece of the satellite is one in 3200. the 6-ton satellite is in the upper atmosphere right now. it was launched in 1991 and decommissioned in 05 when it ran out of fuel and the batteries died. a big celebration in manila. filipinos kicked off oktoberfest in grand style a 30 foot pyramid or it should be
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called a beer. -a-mid. 5,000 people were this for the unveiling so one have a pretty good chance of being hit by a part of the satellite. still ahead on good morning merrill, they are known to chew up shoes and maybe leave a bag in the floor. what about your inheritance. one hungry pup has an expensive appetite and it's show meant to amaze the crowd. drag racing speedboats. instead it left many speechless after this. how the driver is doing after he ended up in the hospital in the finish line. linda. >> reporter: and we are learning more about that deadly air show crash in reno. i am of the family members of the victims is speaking out.
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